Swing out!


Why we do it

Jumpin’ room only was started for one reason, and one reason only…

we just love to dance! Both Elias, the founder of Jumpin’ Room Only, and Walker, his business partner, moved from their homes on opposite coasts to New Orleans with the sole intention of dancing to all of the amazing music coming out of this city. All the rest of Jumpin’ Room Only’s dancers, locals and non-locals alike, gravitate to every dance floor likes moths to a flame. We just can’t help ourselves!

After moving here, Elias realized pretty quickly that when he and his friends hit the dance floor at any venue, the audience immediately got more animated, either bouncing in their seats or getting up and joining him on the floor. The bands loved the engagement, the venues loved the excitement, and the patrons loved the experience!

Being an entrepreneurial spirit, he started Jumpin’ Room Only to light the jazzy dance-floors of this town on fire. He brought Walker on for his incredible dance and teaching experience, persistent positivity, and undeniable charm. He networked hard with all of the best local dancers. He danced holes in all his shoes.

The rest is history.

What we do

Basically, make sure you shake that thing!

Due to the unique set of skills that our talented social dancers has, all of Jumpin' Room Only's dancers can dance with any of your guests, regardless of their dance experience, and make sure that they have a blast! This way your guests can not only enjoy watching the dancers swing each other out but they can also watch their friends and family have the dance of their life!

We understands that every event is a social engagement, and it is not enough for our dancers to simply be great dancers. That is why our dancers are not only exceptional swing dancers and entertainers, but they have also been hand selected for their professionalism, exquisite style, personal charm and impeccable social tact so that they can entertain your guests on and off the dance floor with courteousness, humor and grace.